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Music Director & Orchestra Personnel

Lawrence Eckerling

Conductor / Music Director

Lawrence Eckerling became Music Director in 2003. He continues to be committed to the on-going artistic growth of the Evanston Symphony and its talented musicians. He was named as 2007 Illinois Conductor of the Year by the Illinois Council of Orchestras.

Prior to his tenure with the Evanston Symphony, Eckerling served as Music Director and Conductor of the St. Cloud Symphony Orchestra in Minnesota from 1986 to 2002. Earlier, he served as Assistant Conductor of the Omaha Symphony, and as Music Director and Conductor of the Omaha Area Youth Orchestra. In 1980, he founded the Pro Musica Chamber Orchestra of Chicago which ­performed a series of free Music Performance Trust Fund concerts.

Born in Chicago, Eckerling grew up in Skokie and began his piano lessons when he was six in the Primary Piano Department at Northwestern University Music School. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Music Education (in both instrumental and choral) at Indiana University, and completed his Masters in Orchestral and Opera Conducting from the same institution.

Eckerling is an active pianist, having performed as guest artist in Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue with the Mt. Prospect Community Band and the St. Cloud Symphony. He performed regularly with the Chicago-based Duetri Ensemble and is also active in the jazz and pop fields. Since 1984, as leader of Larry Eckerling and His Orchestra, and recently as Owner and President of his new company Momentum Talent Group, he has been presenting live music from classical to rock and roll for private functions throughout the Chicago area. Eckerling is now on the faculty at the Music Institute of Chicago, where he is Conductor of the Community Symphony and Quartet Strings.
Maestro Eckerling makes his home in Glenview, Illinois with his wife, Sharon, and their son, Jeremy.

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Behind the black ties

Behind those black ties and black skirts are your friends and neighbors, your co-workers, your acquaintances. These are people you see in the community, perhaps on a daily basis, who volunteer their time to make beautiful music together as the Evanston Symphony Orchestra performing world-class music right here in Evanston. On five Sunday afternoons a season, they transform themselves from their chosen professions into talented musicians sharing their love of music with you, their audience.

Orchestra personnel


Julian Arron, Concertmaster
Cathy Carr
Caroline Dehnert
Joshua Huppert
Karen Boyaris
Christopher Brathwaite
Gus Brest van Kempen
Joe Chervin
Kim Duncan
Marcia Erickson
Alexis Eyler
Anna Gillan
Susan Hasegawa
Barbara Julis
Susan Sevcik
Emily Steadman


Cheryl Haack, Principal

Paula Eatman Fischer
Ellen Morris
Susan Champagne
Liz Bauer
Laura Billups
Gloria Boyell
Pam Brailey
Abigail Brass
Polina Cafaro
Paul Carr
Jeanine M. Casler
Laura Doyle
Fran Zirbel-Foley
Charlotte Hadley
Sara Kujawa
Nancy Liskar
Susan Morley
Shelley Powell
Frank Sacks
Susan Schneider
John Somerville
Jenny Stevens


Terese Parisoli, Principal

Elizabeth Cohen
Lynn Malnekoff
Liza Berger
Ed Coster
Arlene Haas
Richard Holbrook
Les Jacobson
Nicole Krampien
Jennifer McGeary
Penelope Sachs
Nathan Sackschewsky
Elizabeth Shepherd
Robert Spitz


Mark Westbrook, Co-Principal
Rhea Davis, Co-Principal

Edwin Bennett
Mike Curtis
Kendall Dowsett
Jay Foley
Lauren Grodnicki
Dee Hagari
Susan Hammerman
Linda Loiben-Kaplan
Michelle Martens
Andrea Musolf
Lee Perlstadt
Ruth Rozen
Joshua Sachs
Sara Swain


Anna Zoe Cohen-Helfman, Principal

Ben Friedland
Tom Denman
Alison Gaines
Jeffrey Levine
Dennis Morris
Lawrence Pinto
Karl E. H. Seigfried
Eric von Holst


Barbara Holland


James Donahue, Principal

Barbara Holland
Carrie Torgerson


Richard von Holst, Principal

Julie Koscinski


Lois Del Vallee


Ralph Wilder, Principal

Linda Keller
Christopher Hills


Scott Thomas


Phoebe Peterson, Principal

Nicholas Ritter


William Dawson


Michael Papierniak, Principal
Ryan Sedgwick, Asst Principal

Nancy Robertson
Frederick Greene
Laura Stone


Don Cagen, Principal

Chitaka Nishikiori
Matthew Bain


Robert Holland, Principal

Greg Malovance


David Peterson


Thomas Curry, Principal


John F. Russell


Brian Kabat, Principal

Rob Fletcher
Nick Kabat


Derin Kenny
Ben Melsky


Susan Arron