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Evanston Symphony Teachers Go Virtual: Paula Fischer

Evanston Symphony Teachers Go Virtual: Paula Fischer

These days, many of us have struggled to adapt to new technology as we work from home and participate in meetings via video conference. The music teachers who contribute their considerable talents to the ESO have faced similar hurdles, and some unique obstacles. Paula Fischer, longtime Evanston Symphony assistant principal second violin, has had to take a novel approach to teaching in an environment where she must communicate the feeling of correct playing through words rather than physical contact. Both she and her students have relied on creative room setups and usage of technology to allow the best audio and visual experience during lessons. Paula has shared recordings of herself playing sections from the pieces her students are learning, allowing them to really listen and observe technique. They in turn have sent their own recordings, which has fostered great improvement, particularly in focusing on smaller sections of music.

Paula has even gone the extra mile by sharing pieces that will help to familiarize her students with orchestral music and studying new music and new interpretations of familiar pieces to add some variety to her instruction. While teaching now “seems like a new job, in a way,” Paula’s efforts have not gone unappreciated; families are grateful that the children can continue such a joyful and important part of their lives and have some kind of consistency and routine during this time when it is often lacking.

Paula Fischer

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