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Musical Insights

Musical Insights

Enhance your concert experience with music education like you’ve never experienced before. Friday afternoon before each concert at 1:30 pm, Maestro Lawrence Eckerling presents an exciting concert preview. Frequently the guest soloist for Sunday’s concert also participates. They provide a wealth of information about the composers and their works. You might learn about the trials and tribulations that challenged a composer, and what inspired his musical genius. You may learn about the structure of a symphony or concerto, outline its musical themes and motifs, and relate the work and its composer to works that precede and follow it. Maestro Eckerling adds a very personal commentary, perhaps explaining how he is interpreting a work at Sunday’s concert, or the relationship among the different pieces in the program.

A patron attending Musical Insights likened Maestro Eckerling to a sports broadcast color commentator. She commented, “What a delightful Friday afternoon! I learned so much about the music, and I enjoyed Sunday’s concert so much more because I heard so much more when listening with an educated ear.”

Enjoy Musical Insights and complimentary refreshments at The Merion, 1611 Chicago Ave., Evanston.

Previews are on the Friday afternoon preceding each concert. Dates for the 2023-24 season are October 20, February 9, March 6, April 5, and May 31. Musical Insights is free to everyone.