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William Dawson

William Dawson

Orchestra Member

Year Joined
Most memorable performance with the ESO

The Verdi Requiem (Beethoven’s 9th Symphony is a very close second)

Favorite ESO soloist

Mathieu Dufour

Why I like playing with the ESO

It’s a wonderful opportunity to play great symphonic music with a group of skilled,
like-minded enthusiasts.

Favorite composer or piece

Mozart or Beethoven – it’s a toss-up.

When I’m not playing with the ESO, I’m…

Teaching bassoon and low reeds to Glenview/Northbrook students, involved in performing arts medicine, and doing volunteer work for the Glenview History Center and the Glenview Council of the Navy League.

Something most people don’t know about me

I own and play a contrabass sarrusophone, a vintage brass double reed instrument originally used in military bands. Also, my former profession was a hand surgeon.

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